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POR15 Engine Enamel Aluminium Paint (473ml)

POR15 Engine Enamel Aluminium Paint (473ml)

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POR-15 Engine Enamels are a superior quality paint with 80% solids (pigments). This durable direct to metal coating creates a smooth, high-gloss finish that keeps engine surfaces from pitting and rusting, and that withstands the rigors of the engine compartment while improving the look and preventing corrosion of the metal components. POR-15 Engine Enamel withstands intermittent temperatures up to 260?C. In addition to its exceptional long-term gloss and color retention it resists damage from oil, gas, grease, salt, humidity, solvents and of course rust. POR-15 Enamels are available in incredibly rich colors that flow easily, cover better than any other paint, and last longer than any other product. Try it, compare it - you'll see what we mean. Our enamels are non-flammable and conform to even the strictest California environmental standards. Typically, a pint is enough for an entire engine. Do not use this product to coat exhaust systems. Application: Apply in well-ventilated area only. Ideal ambient temperature for application is 70?F (22?C), but an acceptable temperature range is between 50-80?F (12 - 28?C). Mix POR-15 Engine Enamels by stirring only. Do not shake. Thinning Ratio: Do not thin more than 20% (1 part thinner to 5 parts enamel). Thin with POR-15 solvent. POR-15 Engine Enamels can usually be brushed without thinning. A full coat will cover completely with excellent color depth. If a second coat is desired, wait 24 hours before topcoating. Dry Time: Allow 8 hours for enamel to dry tack-free. Wait 4-6 days before starting engine. One pint will cover any standard automobile engine block.

Size: Pint = 473mL


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