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Road Marking Paint DHW-8800 (White) 18Lt/Can

Road Marking Paint DHW-8800 (White) 18Lt/Can

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This paint is a natural drying paint manufactured by selecting special modified synthetic resin and pigment with good abrasion and weather resistance.

It is a paint for traffic lane painting on the surface of concrete mortar and asphalt road, which is excellent in adhesion, weather resistance, water resistance, alkali resistance and abrasion resistance.

It is especially an economical paint that can improve the work efficiency since the vehicle passing time is shortened after painting on a road due to its easiness in airless spraying and rolling and its fast drying ability.

Use Thinner DR-5332

If another thinner is used instead of DR-5322 as a road paint thinner, it may cause a delay in drying or bleeding (black asphalt exudes) from the substrate.


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