Auto Primers & Auto Primer Fillers: Which is Right for You?

When you are performing a paint job on a vehicle, whether you are a professional or a novice, there are a wide range of different products available and it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. With so many auto primers, and auto primer fillers, how do you know which to buy? 

Here at Auto Colour Bank, we are experts when it comes to all things to do with primers and in this article we give you some basic knowledge on the most common types, Including auto primer fillers. 

Epoxy Primers 

If you are in a position where you need to apply a primer over bare metal, it is often best to start with an epoxy primer. Parts that have already been sandblasted and need no extra sandblasting are also good candidates for epoxy primers. Try and find a good epoxy primer that also combines surface primer as well as sealant primer qualities if you are looking to achieve the best results. Remember to always read instructions very carefully. 

These primers also prevent rusting. 

Urethane Primers 

Unlike their epoxy counterparts, urethane primers do not have any rust prevention qualities! They are still very popular though as they provide a hard finish. 

The surface you use urethane primer on should be rust free, or you should use an epoxy primer before you use a urethane primer if you want to prevent rust. 

When using urethane primers, you’ll also need to apply some sort of sealant before you paint.

Auto Filler Primers 

Auto filler primers are used to fill any pits in the surface of the part you are want to paint. It is great for surfaces that have experienced sanding or have rust as the surface is often not completely flat. 

You can add as many coats of auto filler primer as need be and even sand between coats ro get the texture that you are after! 

Sealing Primers

Sealing primers are used before you add your first coat of paint. It closes the surface and ensures that it is ready. Using a sealing primer is very important, so do not skip this stage! 

Are you looking to purchase auto primer fillers? Feel free to get in touch with the expert team at Auto Colour Bank on 09 276 4911. We are based in Auckland but offer deliveries, and are more than happy to offer valuable advice regarding our products. 

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