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Are you planning to paint the floor of your workshop? At Automax Paints, we offer a wide range of 2k epoxy floor paint products, with delivery available anywhere in New Zealand. We supply products from leading brands in the industry, so you can have confidence in the quality of paint that you get from us.

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2K Paint NZ

You can also have confidence in the standard of service that we deliver. Our website is easy, safe, and secure to use, plus you can buy everything online. We are available in person, too, if you need help or advice.

Once you place your order of 2k epoxy floor paint, we'll process it fast and will get it out for delivery wherever you are in NZ.

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2k Epoxy Floor Paints

The 2k epoxy floor paint products that we supply in NZ offer excellent levels of performance and a fantastic finish. We supply 2k epoxy floor paints from Noroo, the leading Korean brand. Noroo paint and coatings products are used in the automotive refinishing industry across the world.

The products we offer include:

  • Cleanpoxy Clear Primer – this 2k epoxy paint is clear and is designed for use on concrete floors. It is manufactured with epoxy resin and polyamide resin, and it offers high levels of permeability. This strengthens the concrete surface. Cleanpoxy Clear Primer also improves the adhesion of the paint layer.
  • Cleanpoxy 3100 – Cleanpoxy 3100 is an epoxy top-coat for use on concrete floors. Once applied, it makes floors dust-proof, abrasion-resistant, and chemical resistant, plus it has a glossy finish.
  • Cleanpoxy Water-Based Epoxy Primer – this primer is manufactured using a water-based epoxy resin. As it doesn't use solvents, there are no solvent odours to deal with when using it. It is also environmentally friendly, and the ingredients are safe for people. The finish is transparent, while the primer also offers excellent water resistance and adhesion properties. It is designed for use on concrete surfaces.
  • Cleanpoxy Water-Based Top-Coat – designed to be applied onto the Cleanpoxy Water-Based Epoxy Primer, this top-coat is also water-based, so it is environmentally friendly and safe to use. It is durable, abrasion-resistant, quick-drying, and is easy to work with.
  • Cleanpoxy DNY-200 – manufactured from epoxy resin and polyamide resin, this is a two-component epoxy paint that is transparent. It is designed for concrete surfaces and adds strength as well as improved paint adhesiveness.

Why Choose Us at Automax Paints as Your 2K Epoxy Floor Paint Supplier?

  • We supply paints and coatings from leading brands
  • Our team has extensive knowledge and experience, so we will be able to give you whatever help or advice you need
  • We'll process your order quickly
  • We keep a wide range of paints in stock, so you can rely on us as your supplier
  • You can buy from us online 24/7
  • We keep our prices competitive
If you know the 2K epoxy floor paint that you require, make your purchase online today. To speak to a member of our team, please call +64 09 276 4911.

Are You Looking to Buy 2K Paint NZ? 

The first thing that you should know when you are looking to buy 2K paint in NZ, is that 2K paint basically means that the paint is made of two different components. The components usually consist of a base paint and a hardener. The chemical reaction that happens between the two components is what is to thank for the paint hardening. The components need to be mixed properly, and the right ratios need to be used if you want to achieve the ideal results. 

If it is your first time buying 2K paint in NZ, we recommend that you speak to one of our professionals so that you know exactly how to use this type of paint. 

More About Our 2K Epoxy Floor Paints NZ 

Our 2K epoxy floor paints in NZ are ideal for painting floors. These epoxy paints are from a trustworthy industry brand called NOROO. NOROO manufactures all of their paints in Korea, and are of an incredible quality. Here at Autocolour bank, we are registered and certified suppliers of this brand.. 

Another great, related product that this range offers is automotive epoxy primer which is ideal for any types of automotive jobs that you may be part of. This epoxy automotive primer that we supply is used by automotive professionals around the world! 

If you have any questions at all about our 2K epoxy floor paints NZ, please feel free to get in touch with one of our paint experts today. We would love to hear from you.