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At Automax Paints, we are the car body filler supplier in NZ that you can depend on. We offer a wide selection to ensure you get the type of body filler that you need, and our prices are competitive. We keep body filler in stock, too, minimising delays and ensuring you receive your order as soon as possible.

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Automotive Putties & Car Body Fillers NZ

If you are a panel beater or spray painter, we can supply all the filler, paint, and coating products that you need. We’ll respond quickly to your queries, and we offer excellent standards of customer service.

Plus, at Automax Paints, we only supply car body filler from brands respected by panel beaters and spray painters across NZ. This includes HB Body, the leading European brand.

HB Body is known for manufacturing filler products that offer excellent levels of adhesion to metal surfaces. The elasticity of its filler products is another benefit of the HB Body range, as well as the fact it spreads smoothly, reducing the time it will take you to complete the repair. Not only that, but HB Body fillers dry quickly (without shrinking in the process) and leave a finish that is free from pinholes.

The car body filler products that we supply in NZ are also easy to sand, leaving the surface ready for the next stage of the repair.

Putties & Body fillers

Buying the car auto body filler that you need in NZ couldn’t be easier. You can shop 24/7 on our website, and our checkout process is easy to use and safe. We’ll turn around your order as soon as possible.

We are also available if you have a query or need advice. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience with all types of automotive body filler, paint, and coatings products, so we will be able to answer your question and/or point you in the right direction.

To speak to a member of our team, please give us a call on +64 09 276 4911.

Tips for Using the Automax Range of Car Body Filler Products in NZ

  • For the best results and maximum levels of adhesion, sand surfaces before applying body filler.
  • If the surface you need to fill is painted, you'll need to sand the paint down to the bare metal.
  • If the area you need to fill is rusted, remove the rust before applying the filler.
  • Be careful using car body filler on parts of the car that get hot. More often than not, clumps will form on a surface that has been filled with putty if it gets too hot.
  • Make sure you follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations, particularly in relation to drying time.

Buy Car Body Filler Today

We supply body fillers for all the repair jobs you need. This includes:

  • Polyester fillers with high elasticity that are ideal for repairing bumpers
  • Fibreglass polyester fillers for larger repairs
  • Lightweight fillers for small dents and scratches
  • And more
Select the car filler product you need now for fast delivery wherever you are in NZ. If you need help or have a query, give us a call on +64 09 276 4911.