Colour Match Car Paint NZ For Bumpers

Respraying bumpers would most likely be the top resprayed item with colour match car paint, NZ, if anyone did the numbers. And that’s because they’re serving the purpose they were designed for, small to large bender fenders.

Bumper Changes & Car Paint NZ

The respraying and colour match car paints, NZ, used for bumpers has evolved as bumpers have evolved. From chrome, dainty structures to larger metal fittings and now plastic moulded fixtures with large surface areas.

These bodywork saving fixtures have also become more aerodynamic as well as better at absorbing impact shock at lower velocities.

Painting A Bumper & Colour Match Car Paint NZ

As bumpers are plastic there is a more complex treatment required for painting and repairs. The plastic factor means the surface area is more flexible, less adhesive, responds faster to mechanical stress and is resistant to certain materials.

Specialist supporting products are therefore required in the repair and painting of bumpers, such as:

  • Plastic specific putty
  • Surface adhesion enhancer
  • Paint with texture
  • And many more.

When a bumper is completely replaced the process is simple, but what happens when the bumper is only partially repaired and colour match car paint, NZ, must be ordered?

Repair, Colour Match & Paint A Bumper

Interestingly, most laymen don’t realise that bumpers are made from vastly different plastics and your specific one must be identified so that the right products are applied and adhere thereto.

Next, the bumper is given a high-pressure air clean, washed and degreased. Any damaged areas have their sharp edges sanded with a P150/220 grit in preparation for the plastic putty.

This is followed by another high-pressure air clean to remove the sanding dust. Exposed plastic areas are then coated with the adhesion enhancer so that the putty sticks well to the bumper.

Plastic putty is ideal for filling cracks, scrapes and small marks. It sands to a lovely smooth finish with P320400 grit and a sanding sponge. Any fillers used should be reasonably colour matched to the final finish colour.

The next step is a second degreasing clean.

Applying Colour Match Car Paint

Bumpers often have a texture to them to add visual interest to the car. In this instance, you would need to colour match a textured car paint for a satin finish. 

The colour matched paint, available from Auto Colour Bank, is applied according to the paint specifications and then a clear coat is applied. The hardener used, the room and ambient temperature and the environment’s humidity all influence the timing and process. 


Using a professional to repair your bumper will mean the unique plastics are correctly identified and the correct materials are specified. The professional quality finish will last longer as well.

For the best colour match car paint, NZ, contact our helpful team today.

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