Do You Have A Can Of “Showroom Car”?

Yes, it sounds like a weird question but you can get a showroom car in a can. It’s the 2k clear coat spray can solution. Spray it on and your car is transformed into a showroom car! So, let’s look at what exactly we mean. Here’s how this spray can delivers a showroom car to you.

The Showroom That’s In The Can

Do you remember the first time you saw your car? It was most likely in a dealership showroom. Do you remember deep its colour looked and how every square centimetre of it glinted? Even the little bits visible through the grill - it glinted magnificently and it reflected as sparkles in your eyes. And you fell in love, signed the paperwork and drove away with your chest puffed out.

As passionate car owners, we know that moment and we savour it. 

Well, that sleek, sultry sheen on the car was partially due to the careful top-up of a sleek, glossy clear coat to the car’s exterior. On top of every automobile’s body paint, there is a clear coat. It is vital. And this clear coat is the powerful charm that pulls you in. And it's available in a spray can!

The Vital Clear Coat Factor

The clear coat is an essential layer that protects your automobile's special colour, gives it a shine, enhances its aesthetic value and generally boosts its appearance. 

While you are enthusing over the sultry seductive shine, the various automobile engineers are enthusing over the fact that this clear coat will:

  • Stop the damaging effects of UV
  • Reduce the risk of chlorides attaching and starting a corrosive patch
  • Protect against fading colours 

The clear is not a one-application wonder though. The more time your vehicle spends outside or on the roads, the more the clear coat will be “worn down”. If you touch up flaws on the exterior or do a soft buff or polish, you will wear down the clear coat a little each time. 

Maintaining The Clear Coat

Depending on the amount of surface friction there is, will define how long your clear coat will last. That means depending on the:

  • Time spent on the road
  • Time spent in the sun
  • Touch-ups to scratches and dents
  • Buffing and polishing 

If you want to keep that showroom look and feel, then you will love having a 2k clear coat spray can on hand in your garage. The better the quality of the product, the better your clear coat will look. Talk to your supplier about your car’s unique lifestyle and they can advise you on how often you need to apply it. Of course, you can also be the judge of that! 

Increase the protection of your car and take its appearance to a whole new level! 

Get your showroom in a can with our 2k clear coat spray can today and then take that beauty for a spin! Ph 09 276 4911

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