How Did Your Car Brand Choose Their Car Colours?

If you are shopping for Audi Nardo grey paint, you’ll notice that there are thousands of colours, and many greys, out there in the market. You might then wonder how car companies choose the specific colours for their beautiful machines. From Rolls Royce to a Tata Nano, each brand has carefully selected its colours. But how are they chosen?

Colours Loved By The Market

Demand for certain colours will, of course, influence a brand's production of these popular colours. As with houses, whites, blacks, charcoals, greys, and silvers account for seventy-five per cent of the finishes (of cars sold). This is important to note as up to sixty per cent of buyers stated that a car’s colour is a deciding purchase factor.

That’s why car dealerships stock up on the popular neutrals. There might be trends for metallic finishes or dead matt finishes, but the underlying colour popularity remains.

Have you noticed how a dealership will have 10 neutrals on display and 1 red? The red will catch the eye and get the heart racing, but the neutral will be purchased.

Can A Neural Look Alluring?

Short answer: yes. The ‘trick’ is in the application methodology:

  • Certain colours are partnered with a metallic base coat below a tinted clear topcoat. 
  • Another set of colours will have the primer with the base coat. 
  • A different combination used will be a deeper-looking, triple-layer methodology:
    • The mica and aluminium are removed from the initial coat
    • These two ingredients are inserted with the second coat
    • A final clear coat finishes it off with a mirror effect or intense sparkle. Ordinary shades are made extraordinary.

How Do Car Companies Know What’s Popular?

Pigment manufacturers, like Clariant International Ltd, stake their business on colour trends knowledge and invest vast amounts into research. They look at architecture, clothing, electronics, white goods, nature, political factors and global conversations. They present their suggested colourways to the automakers who pick new colour palettes for a future production year, e.g. Audi Nardo Grey paint. Each automaker has preferred tones and shades. The pigment and paint companies go through a prototype phase, obtain client sign off and, usually, the paint is ready to go into production after three years.

How Long Will My Paint Last?

If a car’s exterior is appropriately looked after, a vehicle owner can expect the paintwork to last for at least 10 years without variations in colour and finish. If you are doing a respray of your car, then finishing with HiQ Quick Master Clear, High-Performance Urethane 4 Liter Clearcoat and Hardener give you a durable, long-lasting finish. The HiQ system is a high gloss acrylic urethane with top-performing durability. 

When you respray your Audi RS with its Audi Nardo Grey, remember that while the new paint cures within a day, this is not the final cure. We recommend you avoid serious dirt and washing your car for up to 14 days from completion of the paint job.

Get your Audi Nardo Grey paint from Auto Colour Bank today and know it will last for many years.

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