Important Things To Know About 2K Spray Paint Recolouring

Your trusty steed is looking a bit worse for wear and you have decided it’s time to ramp up its wow factor with a top-notch 2k black spray paint refurbishment.

Sounds exciting and you are already selecting a new steering wheel for the grand finale. But take a deep breath and do some admin first. Party pooper, we know. 

Here are some important things to consider when barreling down your car's colour change path.


Step one is to find out all the steps of the process so that you know what will be done and what will not be done - and what you need to do and expect. You’re starting here and that’s a good place to start. Read our advice below and then do more research by, for example, chatting to the spraypaint company and others who have been through the process.

Is Your Car A Trusty Steed Or Not?

Is your trusty steed worth the paint job? A painful question, we agree, but it has to be asked. How old is the vehicle and then what about its structural and mechanical integrity? Perhaps it’s old but has only been a weekend vehicle so its odometer reading is uniquely low.

The reason we suggest you factor this in is to avoid overcapitalising on the car.

Have you been religious about the services of the car so the engine is in good nick, you have washed it weekly and it’s enjoyed a life of being polished? Or is it a bit battered and bruised with an engine that clanks its way around town? 

If the latter then you are probably not going to recoup your respray investment in the resale price.

Colour And Resale Values

Ok, now we have ascertained that your trusty steed is worthy of praise and a respray. Now you need to select the right colour. Bright, fluorescent green might delight your teenage kids but there are some fiscal factors around colours which you might not know. 

The most sold colour (in cars) globally, on average, is white. We hear you yawning. The next popular colour is black, followed by silver.

White and black lead the field by far in North America and Australasia so choosing 2k black spray paint, or white, is going to put your vehicle in the higher resale value bracket.

Final Points On Your 2k Black Or Other Spray Paint Job

Rein in your expectations - a colour change will not revolutionise your car and it also might not resolve each scratch, dent or indication of rust. You’re not getting a new car, it's a sprayed old car.

The more preparation is done, by professionals, the more chance the above can be resolved. Professionals will: 

  • Remove the vehicle's interior (almost to a shell)
  • Do a cutting process
  • Do filling and fixing
  • Follow this with sanding (a long multi-phase process)
  • Treat visual rust wherever possible
  • Prime the surfaces
  • Spray and cure the paint (a long multi-phase process)

Know the process, set your expectations, ensure your car is worth the investment and then prepare to be amazed when your beautiful ride is returned to you!

For the best 2k black spray paint products and finishes, insist on Auto Colour Bank products for your spray job.

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