Paint Your Car Candy Red!

Candy red is one of the most striking and exciting colours to paint a car. It really gives off that classic, glossy feel, and you definitely won’t have any problem with spotting your car from a mile away. Furthermore, investing in candy red paint for cars will be a fantastic investment in your vehicle and you'll definitely add value through your new paint job!

In this article, we’ll have a closer look at candy paints, as well as present you with a professional kit for painting your car candy red.

What is Candy Paint?

Candy paint does not just refer to a certain colour but it is also actually a type of paint. It is always applied over a base colour as candy paint is essentially a tinted clear coat, and this is what gives it the translucent appeal that it has. In most cases, it is a metallic paint that is first applied and then the candy paint on top and when light shines through it gives the appearance of very deep and rich colour.

Candy paint really allows you to get a range of different effects as you can change the hue by adding additional coats in certain areas.

Candy paint can be quite difficult to get completely right as it needs to be laid on evenly by a professional hand.

Our Candy Red Paint for Cars Kit!

Here at Auto Colour Bank, we provide a kit that is specifically aimed at painting your car candy red. The kit has everything you need to help you perform the job to the highest possible quality. The kit includes:

  • 3L Body filler
  • 4L Primer
  • 4L Silver Basecoat + 4L Candy Red.
  • 5L Clearcoat Kit
  • 8L Reducer
  • 1L Prepsole & tack cloth
  • 10 Mixing cups & stir
  • Masking Tape 18mm*2
  • Masking Tape 45mm*2
  • Covering tape 1500mm *1

Even someone who is relatively new to painting cars should find this kit incredibly useful, and easy to use. 

Alternatively, we also have a 0.9 litre can of candy red that can also be bought on our website. We have a comprehensive range of candy colours as well as all the related products needed to perform everything from touch ups to full vehicle resprays,

Looking for candy red paint for cars? Auto Colour Bank has everything that you have been looking for and more. Browse our site and find everything you may need for vehicle paint jobs. 

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