Pimp Your Car - From Stance To Automotive Expoxy Primer

If you are a car enthusiast like we are, then you will often be looking for ways to show your ride some love or to tweak its look just that little bit more. If you’re new to car pimping or want ideas, then here are some tips to inspire you from plastics to automotive epoxy primer.

“Housekeeping” Tip

To get the best results for your car project, it is really important to plan it. Sounds boring but if you want the best results, roll up those planning sleeves. 

Some modifications might need to be notified to your insurance company for potential premium cost implications. Bagged suspension might increase premiums but parking sensors could lower them. Some modifications are illegal so get all those boxes ticked.

Wheel Pimp

New wheels are the simplest change and, well-chosen ones, will definitely make your car eyecatching. Wheels can also improve your car’s performance on multiple levels so you get form and function. Check wheel suitability with your car’s manufacturer.

Stance Pimp

You either love stance or you can’t stand it. It is, however, one of the most popular ways to change a car's look - low and lethal with speed…

There are loads of different stance options:

  • Static Stance i.e. cosmetic. 
  • Coil-over suspension
  • Bagged suspension (air suspension). 

Stance needs professionals involved to get the different components right, like wheel width or size, fender flares, camber, etc. Be patient, it takes lots of time.

Exhaust Pimp

Quick and cheap, a performance exhaust leverages the power in your engine but it relies heavily on the type of car you have. Your car might only deliver a deeper rumble but this is arguably the most desirable outcome. Too much noise could be like wearing a gold sequin suit rather than a Gucci sweatsuit.

Plastics Pimp

Plastics include grilles, bumpers, headlights and plastics in your interior. The change can be understated or huge. Grilles can go from dull to menacing, bumpers can visually widen or lower your car and you can wrap the interior plastic with a wood or leather look.

Seats Pimp

Seat cover choices are infinite and can make a big statement with material used and contrasting trims. They are one of the affordable revamp options but it is recommended that you use a top notch upholstery trimmer, it’s not as simple as it looks. 

Paint & Primer Pimp

Each year, your car will pick up dings and scratches. This is easy to fix with that stand-out new paint colour you have chosen and the addition of an automotive epoxy primer which has superior adhesion and protective sealing. If you choose a high-build option, it will fill all the tiny imperfections the road has thrown at you - even tiny cracks and dents.

Now you can start your planning. Get pictures together and filter them down to a short list. 

Chat to our team of car nuts about automotive epoxy primer and your car pimping shortlist today!. Ph 09 276 4911

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