Should I Use An Epoxy Floor Paint NZ Or Epoxy Coating?

There is not a straightforward yes or no answer to this as it depends on the installation location and the usage of that location. Epoxy floor paint NZ and epoxy floor coatings are often mixed up as terminology yet there is a distinct product difference. This article helps you decide which one to purchase.

Epoxy Floor Paint Vs. Epoxy Floor Coverings

If you are considering a cost-effective, DIY floor project then choosing epoxy floor paint is a great option. The product nomenclature and ingredients look similar and might be indistinguishable to a DIY enthusiast but here are the key differences:

Chemical Differences

The two products might have similarities but the differences are more important. 

An epoxy floor coating is a two-part system comprising a tin of high-performance epoxy resin and a tin of catalyst. This catalyst triggers the hardening and slow curing process. Some coating products have sand, quartz or other additions added for strength or aesthetic reasons. 

Epoxy floor paint NZ also contains resin but it is in small ratios to the more important ingredient - latex. Epoxy paints are great for home applications and offer sufficient durability for that level of foot traffic and usage. It is a superior product to other floor paints as that critical portion of resin takes the durability to a whole new level. 

An epoxy floor paint, however, is not as strong as an epoxy floor coating.

Selecting Epoxy Floor Paint Or An Epoxy Coating

Epoxy product labels should state the percentage of their solids ingredient. This percentage represents the amount of product that remains on the surface after the full drying process has concluded. “Drying” is an energy-releasing (evaporation) process that leaves behind a percentage of solids that are your final paint finish. 

Epoxy paints have less solids than epoxy coatings so a large portion of the product evaporates. In the case of epoxy floor coatings, covalent bonding will take place at a molecular level and will cure as opposed to drying and almost all the solids remain on the surface. The higher the solids content, the more industrial and durable the product is.

Installation Of Expoxy Paints NZ And Coatings

Epoxy paints are easier to install and surface preparation is simpler as well with just a basic clean needed. A professional is not vital for the application of the paint and a homeowner can get moderately good results for a light traffic location.

In an industrial, civil, retail, office or educational location foot traffic will be very heavy, cleaning will be frequent and can be more than once a day, and equipment or machinery will also add significant wear and tear daily. This type of activity on the surface will require the strength of the resin and catalytic hardener. 

Extensive surface preparation is required including mechanical preparation. Installation by experienced professionals is vital due to the complexity and the curing process commencing the second it is mixed. Diverse installation equipment and sealing are required as well.

We hope the above explanation has clarified which product you need for your specific project.

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