Top Tips For Your Car Respray, Auckland

When you are pondering a car respray, Auckland, for repair or style reasons, there are some important points to know which will help you understand the process, the timing and the basis for the pricing received. It is not as simple as driving in, spray, drive out. Here are our top five tips. 

Experience Counts

If you have spent years spraying cars, have loads of spare time, a top-quality spray booth, professional spraying and finishing equipment as well as safety equipment then you are ready to spray your car.

If not, then it is definitely a good idea to use professionals, who know how to:

  • Work with airborne toxic chemicals 
  • Protect the environment in the course of their work
  • Achieve quality work at speed 
  • Respray with impeccable finishing

Research Is Worth It

Putting in the effort with researching car respray companies in Auckland will deliver excellent returns on your time investment. As with most things, don’t chase the price levels as superior expertise and attention to detail do cost more than an inexperienced, semi-professional outfit.

The cost of a respray has a massive range of prices because of the quality of products used, the time taken to do it, type of paint used, type of finishing requested, specific detailing needed, amount of preparation needed and other factors. 

Chips, Dents & Blemishes

Before any car respray starts, a significant amount of preparation is needed if you want an excellent finish (in addition to highly experienced sprayers). 

A quick respray will not solve blemishes or the beginnings of rust. Preparation work adds to the total cost. You could ask a body workshop to quote on blemish repairs and compare against the respray workshop price for blemish repairs.

Masking The Car

Masking the car is a very labour intensive step and there is no room for error. The correctness of it makes all the difference in the finished product. Removable trim elements will be taken off, and windows, headlights, non-removable trims, wheels, etc, will be masked off with great care.

The Main Car Respray Steps

Once the long preparation process has finished, the respray process can start. 

  • Selecting the correct colour (can be done ahead of time)
  • Removing the paint on the car
  • Priming
  • Light sanding
  • Topcoat layer
  • Lacquer layer
  • Rub down
  • Buffing or pre-polish
  • Polishing

Within each of these high-level steps, there are up to 20 sub-steps. 

Knowing that near one hundred and fifty steps are required in a car respray will help you appreciate the pricing that you received.

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