What Is The Average Car Paint Job Price In New Zealand?

A car paint job price might seem a bit hefty at first glance but the return on investment that is achieved far outperforms the investment. Your vehicle gets an almost new refurbished look, the resale value soars and, no doubt, the boasting value does too. But how much should you budget to achieve this excellent return on investment? 

The Costs Including The Car Paint

A car paint job is a highly labour-intensive process, there is no bones about it. It is definitely not something that is lightly undertaken - you need to be a fully qualified professional or a thick-skinned, fully equipped DIYer. 

Try it once at home and you will soon be more than delighted to hand over the cash for a professional job.

A professional outfit will charge anything from a couple of hundred to a few thousand dollars - subject to the quantity of work, degree of prep needed, type of paint and finishing. 

Is The Paint Price The Highest Cost Factor?

The costs that influence the final price of a car paint quotation are generally categorised as follows:

Type of vehicle: A Smart Car and a Landrover 110 will have a huge difference in volumes of paint, labour, finishing, etc so the size and complexity of your vehicle affect the price.

Type and colour of paint: Yes, there is a big difference in car paint prices in NZ, as in the rest of the world. The colour, and the quality that is chosen, directly impact the price. At Autocolourbank we only use top-quality paint, as demanded by your astute clients. White or black is more affordable than unique colours. 

Final finish: The finish on your car refers to the matt, satin or high gloss effect that you prefer. The option you choose will affect the price.

Workshop pricing: As with everything, there will always be cheaper workshops and more expensive workshops. And there is usually a good reason for that. Put aside enough time to do research. A bargain-basement outlet can hardly be expected to achieve the same results as a shop quoting top-of-the-range prices.

At the end of the day, the highest cost involved in a car respray job is the cost of labour, not because of the hourly rate but because there is tons of fiddly, painstaking work that needs to be done.

Go Pro Or DIY?

Are you doing a cosmetic quickie before a sale? Or are you refurbishing a dream car? A DIY patch touch-up may give a little improvement but, unless you know what you are doing, you run the risk of making a bigger botch up.

DIY will call on your ultimate patience, high attention to skill, energy for lots of labour, tenacity for the mind-numbing repetitive work and an investment into a range of products, paints and equipment that you will need for this niche work. 

If you have an old jalopy then DIY might be appropriate or an ATV for work that is often picking up wear and tear on the paintwork.

You can’t beat the artistic professionalism of a fully equipped, experienced car paint workshop!

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