What To Consider When Choosing A Colour For a Full Car Paint Job

Whether you are an established automotive paint expert, or you’re a hobbyist that wants to try their hand at painting a car for the first time, choosing the right colour for your full car paint job is more important than you think.


What Will the Car be Used for?

What you’ll be using the car for may help you decide on what colour may suit it best . If it’s a business car you may want to keep a rather neutral background so that branding can happen at a later stage. If it’s a family vehicle you may want something fun and recognisable for the kids. At the end of the day it is all about personal preference but the car’s utility could play a role in what colour you choose.

Consider Resale

If you’re planning to sell your car a little down the line you may want to consider how your new paint job may affect the resale value of your car. Believe it or not, the colour of a car actually matters quite considerably to the consumer and certain colours are easier to sell than others. It may surprise you that orange and yellow cars maintain their resale value the best.

Do You Want to Stand Out or Blend In?

If you want to stand out, be seen, and be able to easily find your vehicle in a full parking lot then a more flashy colour may be right for you. But if you want to lay low and not attract too much attention, a conventional colour such as white or black may be what you need for your full car paint job.

Consider Price

Within a range of full car paints, most colours are usually a similar price. However there are certain colours that cost considerably more and these are usually the more unusual ones. Think about the future too. If you need touch ups toyour paint job it may be difficult to source an unusual colour.

Hiding Dirt and Dust

There are certain colours that hide dust and dirt better than others. This saves you from having to wash your car as often. Colours that hide the appearance of dust and dirt are colours like white, gold, silver, and beige.This may not be so important to you, but is something worth considering when deciding on which colour to use for full car paint.

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