Where To Buy Car Spray Paint That Is Correct?

Where To Buy Car Spray Paint That Is Correct?

When it comes time to respray your beloved ride, you might have a tough time getting an exact match for the colour. And when you phone some paint suppliers or your local chop shop, they might ask for the paint code. “What?” will probably be your most likely answer. Here are our tips on finding the right colour and where to buy car spray paint.

Finding The Code

Nothing Da Vinci about this. Each car comes with its own colour code, which is unique to its model or a range of models. The code is very important as a large number of colours are similar to each other. When you fix a fender bender or replace a part, you will want that specific colour code because:

  • Car manufacturers use hundreds of different paints
  • They can be different from one year to the next.

The location of the colour code varies from car to car, of course, but is it always found on the car. The various points can differ from model to model as well. 

Code locations:

  • Service history book 
  • Owner’s manual 
  • Right-hand sun visor
  • Under the driver’s seat
  • Driver’s side doorjamb
  • The rear of the middle console
  • Trunk lid
  • Spare tire wheel well
  • Firewall or engine compartment
  • Radiator

What If I Can’t Find The Colour Code?

Don’t panic if you can’t find the colour code. When you find out where to buy car spray paint, you might also find help sourcing your colour code and the right type of car paint. Not all stockists have sufficient knowledge, but at Auto Colour Bank, our team of car paint “gurus” will know the methodology that was used to originally spray your car, the colour code and the different solutions that you will need. 

The paint type and colour code will be affected by the make of the car, the year of manufacture and the model of the car. Your stockist should be able to supply you with your perfect match - and if we’re the supplier you are talking to, then you definitely will get the right paint. 

Car Paint Names

If you only have partial knowledge of the paint, e.g. the name, this is already a big help in finalising the exact colour you will need for fixing a scratch, imperfection or fender bender. However, you might want to change the original colour and go for a Lamborghini yellow on your trusty ride. Don’t hold with creativity if it is going to make you happier. 

And, yes, Lamborghini yellow and Ferreri red do apparently make the cars go faster… 

If you need to know where to buy car spray paint, look no further than the paint gurus at Auto Colour Bank.

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