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Spray Booth Floor Filter 1.0 X 21M X100mm (G4)

Spray Booth Floor Filter 1.0 X 21M X100mm (G4)

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Fibre glass mesh type exhaust booth filter suitable for paint spray booths.

* Size 1.0 X 21M X100mm
* Spray Booth Green/White Fibreglass Exhaust Filter, Class: G4,Max Rec Pres drop 250Pa Max Temp 170c.
* This product is composed of continuous monofilament glass fiberglass.
* It is used in heat recovery systems and high-quality paint mist filtration of surface coating with the high rate of capturing particles and long life-cycle.
* High Temperature resistance:

Also available in other widths and lengths.

Your automotive paint booth is an investment, and it requires regular maintenance to provide quality auto paint jobs for your business. One of the most frequent paint booth parts that needs replacing is its filters, including the intake filters and exhaust filters.They help to prevent contaminants from entering and exiting your car paint booth. When your filters become clogged with dust and debris, this can result in sloppy auto paint jobs, which are bad for your business.
Don??t let dirty filters hurt your business ? stock up on paint booth filters
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