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BC-2000 Clear Coat 4Lt/Can

BC-2000 Clear Coat 4Lt/Can

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BC-2000 is an easy-applying Clearcoat with excellent flow and melt-in properties. It is suitable for multi-panel repairs in the spray booth.

BC-2000 is easy to apply and a high gloss acrylic urethane system with excellent durability.

Product description

- Offers excellent appearance with very high DOI
- Easy workability with dramatic wetting effect
- High gloss with superb durability


2:1 universal mid-solids clearcoat


Mixing ratio: Base : Hardener : Reducer(by vol) = 2 : 1 : 0.2
Pot life: 6 hours at 77°F (25°C) after mixing



Mixing viscosity

14-16 sec. Viscosity(A+B+T) Ford Cup #4 at 77°F (25°C)

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