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Brunox Epoxy Rust Kill 1Lt/Can

Brunox Epoxy Rust Kill 1Lt/Can

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A rust neutralizer + epoxy primer in one.

For the industrial maintenance of structures, plants, machines, vehicles etc. Brunox neutralizes rust, it combines with the oxide and the metal to form an inert black, protective coating, which prevents further corrosion. Directions: Remove loose rust, grease, dirt and paint residues with a wire brush or grinding wheel. Thoroughly clean the affected area. Apply 2-3 coats by brush on the rust pores adhering to recommended drying times between coats. When completely dry a top coat must then be applied. * Free from heavy metals and mineral acid * Penetrates approx. 7-10 times deeper into the rust pores than ordinary rust converter emulsion products * Can be appled with an airless or by high pressure air gun (can be thinned up to 8% with Acetone) * Compatible with commercially available top coats

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