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Master Clear Plus Quick 4Lt/Can

Master Clear Plus Quick 4Lt/Can

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Master Clear Plus Quick is a premium fast drying two pack clearcoat for repairing from one panel to multi panels (2~4 panels).

  • MCP(Quick) dries quickly without sacrificing appearance.
  • It offers fast flash, polishing times with good quality.
  • MCP(Quick) is an easy-to-apply, high gloss acrylic urethane system with excellent durability.

Mixing Ratio 2:1:0.2(Clear:Hardener:Thinner)

2:1 CH or CCH Fast/Standard/Slow Hardener 2L can be ordered here:
2:1 Clear Hardener
*CH-10/CCH-250 - FAST
*CH-30/CCH-230 - SLOW

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