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Paint Remover (Do-A-215B) 4Lt/can

Paint Remover (Do-A-215B) 4Lt/can

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Paint remover (Do-A-215B) is a rapid action solvent based Quick paint stripper which removes paint and varnish from most types of surfaces.
*Heavy bodied automotive and industrial strength paint remover formulated to rapidly strip automotive paints (including 2 pack).
*Removes household paint, enamel, lacquer, varnish and most industrial, marine and automotive paints.
*Rapid action solvent-based paint and varnish remover.

1. Stir the solvent uniformly.
2. After coating 2 ~ 4 times on paint surface by brush, wait 3 ~ 10 minutes and scrape-off the removed paint.
3. Clean up used tools with water.

1. When opening the lid, keep away from touching user??s face.
2. Avoid excessive shaking, wear safety and protective gears like gloves, overalls, safety googles etc.
3. Take care of adequate ventilation, avoiding any kind of fire during and after application.
4. Avoid any contact of skin, if when contact with skin, to wash with soap and water soon.
5. Rest ??REMOVER?? in the can, close lids after use, and store in the shade.


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