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PS-990 Grey Hybrid Primer Surfacer 3.2Lt/can

PS-990 Grey Hybrid Primer Surfacer 3.2Lt/can

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PS-990 is a multifunctional high-build 3 pack Primer surfacer which is designed for automotive refinishes.(GREY)
*PS-990 has four special functions
1) Can be used as a sanding surfacer as well as a non-sanding surfacer
2) Can be applied straight onto bare metal like steel, zinc, aluminium
3) Can be used with waterborne and solventborne
4) Offers very good topcoat flow and excellent hiding

Mixing ratio 4:1:1 Sanding (Primer:Hardener:Additive)
Mixing ratio 4:1:2 Non Sanding (Primer:Hardener:Additive)
Primer hardener can be ordered here
PSH-990 Primer Hardener
Additive to go with this Primer can be ordered here

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