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Super Enamel Black(Gloss) 4Lt/Can

Super Enamel Black(Gloss) 4Lt/Can

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SUPER ENAMEL Black is a single pack High gloss enamel oil alkyd resin topcoat.
  • It is a top finishing paint for steel structures such as machineries, commercial buildings/residential buildings/public facilities, Indoors, machine tools, underbody/chassis.
  • It is excellent in resistance to mineral oil, petroleum, grease etc.
  • It is a paint with quick drying ability, excellent hiding power and workability that can be used easily by everyone since no sagging occurs during painting.
  • It is also a top coat finishing paint suitable as an indoor and decorative finishing paint that has a hard coating film, excellent adhesion, Rust guard, color retention and water resistance, and long-lasting gloss.

Mixing Ratio (10% Enamel Thinner DR-306L )


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